Order #1…under our belt!


ORGANIC, Killer sweet spinach!


The truck! The truck…it’s beautiful!

It was long day of getting acquainted with software and invoices, but we made it! Orders sorted, invoices adjusted and consumers notified. We also had a handful of pick-ups along with inquiries and new members. We are REALLY doing this…we really have a buying club in the River Valley. I feel like a little girl on Christmas morning again. No really….I do! We did it!

Next up! Software workshop on Thursday…when the club is open again so that you can see it live. Holy crap…this is going to big….AND so KOOL!


What’s Available?

“What is available?” you ask! Each ordering cycle could possibly look different, but there may be weeks where it looks the same each time. Availability depends 100% on the what the farmers have in the fields and barns. You may be able to get onions for months and then the next order cycle they aren’t there anymore. Strawberries have a short season…know that after the season ends you can still get them frozen.

Flexibilty as a consumer is must be a part of the club. Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. http://www.crownofmainecoop.com/comoc1.pdf

Feel free to browse the list in the link and ask questions as you go along!

Launch Day!

We held our first software training today with half of the test group. How cool! Love them all…great questions, orders were placed, memberships were agreed upon and feedback was given on all aspects….with exception of the delivery. Next week! Holy crap next week we will receive our first Crown of Maine delivery.

So excited to share in the Maine goodness with those in the River Valley. Over the moon to start reaching out to local growers in the coming weeks to offer them the opportunity to source another market.

Life is good my friend…life IS good!

Here we go!


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It’s Tuesday and we are 2 days away from launching an online buying club in the River Valley. Excited isn’t the word for it…thrilled, jazzed, pumped! YES! 

We will be able to access all things fresh. We will be able to shop differently. We will be supporting our local growers that will all be within this great State of Maine!

“Shop differently?” you ask…why YES! you will be able to shop from your sofa, in your pjs or in the middle of the night if you want and when your order is ready to be picked up the following week all you have to do is show up, pay for your goods and leave. How cool is that? Pretty darn cool! However, this awesome system is not intended to replace the relationships that you already have with your local growers. If you already have a CSA or you already are scheduled to purchase that 1/2 cow and 6 broiler chickens this summer…stay the course with those growers.

The FEED ME Food Club is intended to bring you access to all of the other things that you can’t get uber local. “Like what?” you ask. How about Maine sea salt, fresh milled flour and oats, cheeses, greek yogurt, sausage, lamb and the list goes on.

Are you interested yet? Do you think that these products won’t be affordable because buying local is expensive? Ask yourself this…”What is buying power?” An easy explanation is…there is strength in numbers.

If you are interested in finding out more; we would be happy to hear from you. There will be workshops in the coming weeks that will help explain all of the ins and outs of using an online buying club and how to make it work for your household and your budget.

Simply fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as we’re able to answer any questions that you may have about this killer opportunity to make the easy choice for your family!

Type over the name and email address that are currently in the form.