Membership Information




Interested in what a membership looks like? Or maybe you are ready to jump in the happiness pool already! Click on the links above to see the membership form, fee structure and FAQs.

Always remember that we are one email or phone call away from answering any questions or concerns that you might before you try it out.

If you wish to join today you can mail your membership form with check made out to FEED ME Food Club PO Box 183, Roxbury, ME 04275.

The order cycle is bi-weekly which means: You order one week and it is delivered the following week.

Where do I pick my order up? At Good Karma Cafe and Health Foods, 72 Congress Street in Rumford

When do I pay? At the time of pick up

How do I pay? Cash or check only with checks made out to FEED ME


2 thoughts on “Membership Information”

  1. Leslie skibitsky said:

    This program is intriguing but somehow I’m not finding a lot of information on your site…what am I doing wrong? Looking for what I might expect to pay, what an order form looks like ( i.e. What’s available, quantities,etc). Should I come to your office for that info?

    • Hi Leslie,

      Thank you for your interest in FEED ME. The membership information and fees are on the volunteer opportunities document. Simply click on the link to see it. Unfortunately, there isn’t anywhere that I can show you pricing. However, when the club is open for ordering this Thursday I can walk you through how to use the software as well as talk to you about how the club works, the products we have available to us and what the schedule looks like. My email is if you would like to schedule a time to do that.

      Enjoy the day,

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