We’ve been BUSY! Busy moving into our new space…Busy recruiting local farmers…Busy spreading the goodness! Making the best choice the easy choice.

Tech Ctr2

Tech Ctr3

We quickly out grew our new space at the RVHCC office on River Street and we quickly found a new partner in the River Valley Growth Council. They have allowed us to set up shop at the River Valley Technology Center, 60 Lowell Street, Rumford in a space that is perfect for our needs. It is one with ample space for breaking down the order, includes enough room for our freezer and refrigerator AND there is a loading dock which means no more carrying 40# bags of onions up any stairs!


We have had lots of buying from our 3 local farmers! Oh yeah, oh yeah!

We now have 23 members with interested parties inquiring every day…is the next one going to be you?

Since we started in May we have had 9 deliveries and have ordered over $5000 worth of Maine products! Holy Cow Batman!

Why haven’t you joined yet?