New Digs!



Life is good with the club as we have a new home! Glen and Sandee Gordon have welcome us into their awesome space at Good Karma Cafe and Health Foods shop located at 72 Congress Street in Rumford. If you haven’t stopped by to check out all they have to offer…you must!

Below are the club’s updated FAQs and membership form:





Italian oyster mushrooms were available for ordering last week and our members wasted no time filling the split. They were gorgeous little things reminding me of fairy houses making the breakdown of our order quite delightful.

Does homegrown food make you smile like it does me? I enjoy everything about this club…the data entry (which usually can be so tedious and often times frustrating), the breakdown (is like Christmas) and the pickup! I love seeing the members and finding out what they have been up to with their families and the goods they have purchased.

Supporting local, eating healthy and having the knowledge…YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR FOOD COMES FROM!

Think spring my friends…warmer temps will be bringing us spinach and other greens making it feel like summer!

River Valley Farmers and Producers Wanted!

Farmer Agreement


If you are a farmer in the River Valley area and would like to be connected with a market you might not otherwise have access to you have come to the right place!

FEED ME Food Club members are primed and ready to purchase your products. Upon agreement of the terms of the club farmers make their products available and members place their orders bi-weekly. Farmers are notified if their products have been ordered and the farmer delivers products based on the terms of the agreement. Final step is…the farmer gets paid by the club.

Of course there are more details than these and you can see those by clicking on the farmer agreement link above.

Updates from the club

Life is good!  We are growing little by little with each ordering cycle and there are more inquiries from interested families each week. Check out these pictures of recent deliveries!

Husk cherries, ruby kraut, organic spinach, gorgeous bell pepper mix, spaghetti squash and baby beets that have been cooked, peeled and chilled for delivery! Oh yeah…oh yeah!

Who doesn’t love organic celery, cauliflower, red onions and carrots. We also received MAINE sea salt plain and garlic infused as well as baking mixes made with Maine grains!

Maine cheese! Fresh Maine cranberries with awesome color. There’s that Maine sea salt again…this time in a grinder. Fresh cilantro and sage and granola from Greenville…amazing products practically from your backyard.

What are you waiting for? Join today!

What’s new with FEED ME?

We’ve been BUSY! Busy moving into our new space…Busy recruiting local farmers…Busy spreading the goodness! Making the best choice the easy choice.

Tech Ctr2

Tech Ctr3

We quickly out grew our new space at the RVHCC office on River Street and we quickly found a new partner in the River Valley Growth Council. They have allowed us to set up shop at the River Valley Technology Center, 60 Lowell Street, Rumford in a space that is perfect for our needs. It is one with ample space for breaking down the order, includes enough room for our freezer and refrigerator AND there is a loading dock which means no more carrying 40# bags of onions up any stairs!


We have had lots of buying from our 3 local farmers! Oh yeah, oh yeah!

We now have 23 members with interested parties inquiring every day…is the next one going to be you?

Since we started in May we have had 9 deliveries and have ordered over $5000 worth of Maine products! Holy Cow Batman!

Why haven’t you joined yet?

Wow…where did the summer go?


Summer has passed me by in a flash! Despite the cold wet spring and vicious storms our Maine farmers have brought us a bounty of goods this year. Our club is steadily growing and the number of clubs continues to grow across the State. Thank you to Barb Rajaniemi for the gorgeous picture of the goods she purchased in this week’s order. Organic purple peppers from Levesques and the rest of her haul is from uber local producers…baby kale, lipstick peppers, sugary sweet tomatoes and eggs from happy chickens.

Our uber local farmers are:

– Clay Hill Farm providing us with choice cuts of naturally raised beef and broiler chickens.
– Thurston’s Family Farm with a large assortment of fresh veggies and pure maple syrup.
– Tripp Prmial Farm & Kitchen specializes in gluten free and veggies goodies ranging from BBQ sauces to insanely awesome cdouble hocolate chip cookies.

I must say that life is good in the River Valley…if you haven’t joined yet…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

July IS here!

Let me just say…life is good! Here are a couple of pics from our last order…GORGEOUS heirloom, organic tomatoes! So blessed to have access to them this early in the season.

Today’s order…although many of you didn’t order with the holiday weekend and vacations we still had a good sized order for the size of the group we had.

Happy 4th of July everyone! Thank you for being committed to Maine and all of the great products we have here!IMG_8531


Holy cow…I mean lettuce!



Our 1st order of summah…according to the calendar it was the day before summer…was A M A Z I N G!! There were loads of fresh, organic Maine goods. We have several more pics to share with you, but we thought this was an adequate sneak peek. We have good things coming in the near future for the club…stay tuned!


Summer is knocking on our door and with that the list of Maine goodies that we have at our finger tips is growing each week! It was totally awesome to open the club last week with an uber local farmer in addition to our very long list that has a nice variety of goods from Crown of Maine. We ordered celery! Lettuce! Cukes! Tomatoes! Baby kale! Uber local whole wheat bread and much much more!

I will be on the hunt for more River Valley producers. Supporting our local economy was never easier than it is now!

Spread the word about the club…help us “grow”!